Access Control

ASI Access Control Services

With over 100 years of combined access control experience we know what works and what doesn’t work. Our expert team of professional designers, engineers, and technicians can design and build a new access system or upgrade an existing system that meets all city codes. DSX has been our trusted access control partner for 15 years and they are based in Dallas, Texas. We have never met an access control need we could not meet or an access control problem we could not solve.

What is the purpose of an Access Control system?

The purpose of an Access control system is to electronically restrict who, when, where, and how someone gains access and/or is granted egress from a room, building or other controlled area. These Systems are used to allow people or vehicles into a restricted areas, and be able to pull a report to show the history.


ASI’s Hosted and Managed Access Control Solutions

What sets ASI apart is its ability to
1) Host the access database in the cloud so that the customer does not have to, and
2) manage the access database.

These 2 solutions allow the customer to
1) not worry about keeping maintenance on a dedicated server for the access database and
2) not worry about learning the access software or training staff on the access software.

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