Intrusion Alarm

Commercial Intrusion Alarm Systems


Advantage Security Integration has been protecting Houston businesses for over 20 years.  We offer a complete range of burglar alarm & security services to the all businesses.  These intrusion alarm systems can include intrusion detection devices such as door and window contacts, glass break detectors, motion detectors, overhead door contacts, photo-electric beams, etc., hold-up/panic devices such a button under the counter, last bill detector in cash drawer, or wireless button carried on person, supervisory sensors such as water level detectors for drainage areas, temperature sensors for freezers, coolers and server rooms, and 24 hour UL monitoring of intrusion and supervisory alarms*. Wireless detection devices can be used where wiring is difficult or expensive. Our UL approved central monitoring station receives your alarm signals and responds immediately to dispatch police, fire department, security, and/or to follow specific instructions from the business owner.  Our Eyeforce Video Monitoring station can receive live video to verify the alarm signal.  Video verification is the key to reducing false alarms and preventing crime.
In most applications we recommend a 4G Cell back-up system just in case the phone lines are cut or down for any reason. As systems become more high tech so do the criminals. They know that the phone line is the life-blood of the system and without it the burglar alarm will only make noise. The 4G system can also be used as the primary communicator when there is no land line available. IP communicators are also available for primary or secondary communications to the central station. This can eliminate the need for plain old telephone lines and reduce costs by hundreds of dollars.

Today’s high tech burglar alarm systems are very versatile.Our standard burglar alarm control panels can accommodate 6 to 200+ zones. These zones can be made up of all types of intrusion detection devices, supervisory sensors, and even fire alarm sensors*.
Intrusion detection is also available for your enclosed outdoor areas such as parking areas, storage lots, materials staging area, equipment yards, construction areas, etc. We sell and install motion detectors, photo-electric beams, fence intrusion systems, and other products that are specifically designed for outdoor applications.
Many of our burglar alarm panels can also include access control devices* such as card readers, keypads, and electronic mag locks and strikes. In other words you do not have to be a big business to have a fully integrated security, fire, and access system.
The technology of even the standard alarm equipment enables many small offices and stores to have all four major security components – burg, fire, access control, and closed circuit television.