Bosch Burglar Alarm Services

April 4, 2013

ASI is one of only a handful of dealers in Texas to be Bosch Intrusion alarm certified. Bosch is one of the most trusted brands in intrusion/burglar panels as it is probably the most commonly spec’d burglar panel on the market. We have been installing Bosch panels since the early 2000’s and have found that it can handle any and all commercial applications. If you are interested in getting a new burglar alarm I would highly advise looking into the Bosch product or giving us a call. Bosch has all of the most up to date features with their smartphone/tablet app that allows for arming and disarming, IP and WiFi communications, and 4G communication. All forms of communication allow us to remotely connect to the panel for access code changes as well as basic zone trouble shooting. All Bosch panels can be tied into our system for remote video verification monitoring as well. Give us a call and we can design a state of the art Bosch security system for your business.


Danny Forrest