Hosted and Managed Access Control

April 16, 2013

ASI has been at the forefront of access control for 20 years. We have developed and offered remote hosted and managed access control services to commercial properties since 1994. There are several advantages to using a hosted and managed access system.


  1. You will never need to upgrade your access control software.
  2. You will never have to maintain your own database on an in-house server (daily backups, windows updates, etc.)
  3. You will have remote tech support on database issues and never have to wait on a technician to be dispatched.

Managed:  As an add on to hosting your system we can also manage it.

  1. Just send us an email and we will have your request completed.
  2. Never have to learn and then remember how to use the software.
  3. Never have to train any personnel on how to use the software.
  4. Send us an email request from anywhere in the world and it will be taken care of 24/7.

Hosting and managing your access system also saves on the upfront cost of buying the software and the server. This offer building managers maximum flexibility when managing multiple locations.

Give us a call to find out how we can help manage you access system.



Danny Forrest