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Protect Your Dealership with Video Surveillance

asi houston may dealership

When running a car dealership, the safety and security of your business, employees, and property should always be your top priority. Due to the extreme security risks facing car dealerships today, video surveillance systems are a vital, crime-deterring tool.

Car Theft Is on the Rise in Texas

It’s been a wild ride for the auto industry in the past few years. What with supply chain issues, semiconductor shortages, and low inventories causing demand to go through the roof. And with that higher demand comes opportunities for aggressive and opportunistic thieves. And the evidence is clear, with crime stats up and car robberies breaking records in several states. Texas had the country’s second-largest number of car thefts between 2021 and 2022, up a whopping 10%.

Know Your Dealership’s Risks

There are several key factors to consider when planning a security system for your car dealership. First, identify the most significant security risks, the best places to mount cameras, and the types and number of cameras to use. What camera quality best suits a specific area, whether in the repair bay, the lot, or the showroom. Newer and growing dealerships will want to consider scalability for future expansion.

Surveillance System Benefits

A video surveillance system installed in your Houston area car dealership has many benefits. First, it increases your security for your property, employees, and customers. Video surveillance has also been proven to deter criminals and reduce vandalism.  And if a crime occurs, cameras can provide evidence to help identify and prosecute perpetrators.

Professional Guarding

Professional video guarding gives you greater control and security insights into your dealership. Remote video guarding turns each camera into a proactive live guard. With proper live monitoring, dedicated operators watch over your dealership night and day, improving safety and security and giving you complete remote visibility 24/7.

Professional video guarding gives you greater control and better insights into your dealership. This turns each camera into a proactive live guard. With true live monitoring, dedicated operators watch over your dealership night and day. Live monitoring improves safety, and security and gives you remote monitoring 24/7.

Update or Upgrade?

If your dealership already has a video surveillance system installed, there are issues to consider when considering upgrading or reinstalling a new system. Every year camera technologies improve in leaps and bounds. Better picture quality, lenses, mounts, etc., can lead to quality and security you never thought possible. Other benefits of updating an older system could be the addition of new features such as smartphone integration, wireless cameras, or video analytics.

Surveillance System Checklist:

  • Is your current system older than five years old?
  • Is your current video resolution high enough?
  • How are the night capabilities of your system?
  • Do you have coverage in all the places you need?
  • How about blind spots?
  • Does your system have a battery backup in case the power fails?

Stay Ahead of Crime with Video Surveillance for Car Dealerships

Whether installing a new system or upgrading an older one, video surveillance is vital for car dealerships. They improve safety,  security, and tell customers and staff that you take security seriously. 

Advantage Security Integration is a local Texas company, with over 30 years of serving the Huston area. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our surveillance camera security solutions for your car dealership, don’t hesitate to contact us. To learn more, contact ASI today at 713-490-2020.

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