The Impact of Video on Intrusion Detection

The Impact of Video on Intrusion Detection For Business

The Impact of Video on Intrusion Detection - Advantage Security Integration

When it comes to protecting your business from burglary or any kind of intrusion, we take it very seriously that we do not provide a solution that is deemed stagnant. A state-of-the-art intrusion detection system is a well-functioning one not just because of the sensors or technology, but because it is built with the intention of being a proactive and constantly evolving solution. We here at ASI have developed an intrusion detection system that stays on the cutting edge of security by being proactive with video surveillance and monitoring. 

The Impact of Video on Intrusion Detection

Video surveillance does much more than detect and deter criminal threats. It opens up your business to its full potential by being a tool that boosts productivity, decreases legal and fiscal risk, and improves on-site management. This is what we mean by being proactive. Our solutions aren’t just serving one purpose. It’s not there to stand idle and wait for the time someone decides to break in or vandalize. With video surveillance, a high level of productivity remains constant.  

Staying Multiple Steps Ahead

In terms of pure security, another way our intrusion system stays proactive is through its capabilities. We provide cameras that are able to detect in clear resolution in low light conditions. We also have a monitoring system that sends real-time reports so you’re aware of what is happening at that moment. Burglars are becoming more and more sophisticated, and in order to remain a few steps ahead, we too must be sophisticated and always pushing forward in our capabilities. 

Remote Guarding Making the Difference

Here at ASI, what we value is pushing our technology and services forward with customer peace of mind as the main goal. Our video monitoring service is provided through a remote guarding solution. With us, your burglary detection system will coincide with a dedicated operator to keep an eye on live footage, so someone will always be looking out for your business when you are not around. That is how you stay proactive in security, and make the most out of your intrusion system.

Why Choose ASI?

ASI combines the sophisticated technologies you expect with the customer service you deserve. As a local Texas business with over 30 behind our name, we take great pride in serving our customers right and delivering security solutions they can trust. ASI understands the needs of our communities because we live in the areas we serve. We’re dedicated to providing you with a custom solution, stress-free installation, and ongoing support. 

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