commercial property security system from ASI

Mission Critical: Commercial Property Security

commercial property security system from ASI

Security is a critical part of any business property’s daily operations. Commercial security systems protect property, personnel, and clients from the risk of theft, break-ins, and other crimes. And a system has to do all this while ensuring seamless access to authorized visitors, vendors, customers, and employees. Whether starting in a new office or updating an aging commercial security system, ASI can help design and install a system that will handle all the needs of a busy commercial property.

The Threats

Commercial operations face criminal threats on a daily basis. The need to protect people, property, and assets from theft or vandalism is all-pervading and constant. This not only includes stolen inventory, supplies, or hardware, but also helps in dealing with loitering, vagrancy, and even protections against intellectual property theft. Because of this, every commercial property needs a comprehensive security system to protect property and employees. A security system that includes intrusion detection, access control, and video monitoring. But where to begin?

The Response

What you need is control of your commercial property’s security in the form of a security system that includes access controls, surveillance cameras, and motion and intrusion detectors. A comprehensive system is an important physical security measure that helps protect a building from crime. 

Components of a commercial security system

  • Advanced Access Control – The heart of a security system for a commercial property is a robust access control system. Access control is the first line of defense for most buildings and is often comprised of electronic locks, a smart intercom, and individual access in the form of a card key, key fob, smartphone phone access, or biometric technologies.
  • Surveillance Cameras / Video MonitoringSurveillance cameras are the eyes and ears of a robust security system. They allow you to keep an eye on your commercial property anytime and anywhere and help to deter crimes such as theft, vandalism, and fraud. And when integrated with 24/7 monitoring, a surveillance camera system can help stop crime before it happens. Video monitoring ensures you have watchful eyes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Intrusion Detection – Another invaluable component of a commercial security system is intrusion detection. Intrusion detectors allow you to instantly know if and when a door or window has been compromised. 

Benefits of a commercial security system

  • Increased Safety – The safety of tenants and employees is paramount for any employer or property manager. And a security intrusion system can help provide a safe environment for your people to work. Other tools may include panic buttons, robust access control systems, and surveillance cameras to help prevent theft, harassment, and assault. But also a security system can help with contacting the authorities.
  • Improved Customer Confidence – Having a commercial security system installed boosts customer confidence in your property. When you take your security seriously, people take you seriously. When you have cameras and advanced access controls, customers, clients, and visitors will feel safer.
  • Increased Productivity – An investment in a new or updated commercial security system can often bring a boost to productivity as well. A safer workplace is more welcoming and leads to increased productivity and an overall increase in business performance.

Take Control of Commercial Property Security

ASI Houston can help you design, install and monitor a comprehensive security system for your commercial property. The numerous benefits will be a boon for businesses of all sizes. Protecting assets, increasing employee safety, reducing insurance costs, access to remote monitoring, increasing customer confidence, and increasing productivity, a commercial security system is a worthwhile investment for any commercial property owner or manager. All this and the peace of mind that comes from protecting what you have, keeping your employees, and your tenants safe. Call ASI today for a free consultation.


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